How to choose A Money Counter !

A Money Counter

Mix Value Counting Machine

Money counter is the device that structures the process of counting money. Some of the latest money counting machines usually sort the counterfeit bills and count as determining the differently denominated currencies. If you are purchasing a device that is possibly the most appropriate version, the number of choices that are currently available will overwhelm you greatly. Every day usually dawns with the new device in all field as the business growth rate is very high.

There are various factors that you need to determine before you come up with the final decision. According to the type of work you need the device to perform, you may look for the readily available version of the machine. Most people do not intend to use the device daily procedures of the calculations of the coins and the note in the account. At this point, you can choose the cheapest or the most expensive brand of the cash counter depending on the amount of the money you hold at the end of the day or the type of industry you are operating now. The following tips are essential in determining the most appropriate money counter for various goods and services.


Determining the size is another crucial aspect for one to pick. The space you can create along with the cashiers’ desk on your business. If your office is highly cramped, you should move to a type of device that is compact. The area beside the cashier is the best location of the device for them to maximize on it. If the device places far away, the cashier looks for the manual process of processing the change and making the money calculations. Manual processes are prone to error and, therefore, the money counter placing on the space available besides the cashier.


The weight of the purchased device is a crucial factor, especially when you operate a mobile business or occupation or need a portable device. At this point, look for the option of a device that is lightweight. The device should fit in the regular pocket of the user. If your employees work with minimal supervision and purchase a heavy instrument, their probability of using them is very low. Therefore, look for the weight of the device that can be moved from one place to the other easily for them to use it comfortably. Moving a heavyweight money counter might cause it to fall, damaging the device’s interior parts, thus interfering with the warranty period.

Counting Speed

The more money the device counts, the more advantageous the device is. The higher the speed a calculating machine is, the higher the possibility on saving the time as it improves on rate of the effectiveness and efficiency on the counted amount of the money. Therefore, the size of your company determines the average rate of the device you invest in as the amount of the money increases with the increased size of the business. If you usually count considerable money, consider the device, which allows the performance of the task effective at a higher speed as it accomplishes the job within a short period. Ensure that you look at the maximum speed of the device for the provision of reliable services. However, investing in the fast-counting device for the low income is a waste of resources. Look for the device that operates is a lower speed but offers reliable services at this instance.

Hopper Capacity

Hopper is the pocket-like structure used as temporary storage of the money before the actual calculation process. Hopper capacity is the average amount of money that the device holds at a time. You must consider the hopper capacity as it determines the number of coins or the notes the device embrace at a time. Some of the brands’ money counter guides you by indicating at the top by a line that allows the user not to exceed the limit. If the limit on the hopper is surpassed, the possibility of jam occurrence is very high. In addition, coins might overflow and spit all over. The size of the hopper capacity usually varies as some of the devices can accommodate three hundred notes while others hold five hundred notes per minute. The device can come in the form of the frontloading or the backloading of the hopper. Most people usually opt for the frontloading capacity due to the level of convenience, speed and can add the bills as the device counts. Front-loaders are also better in the overall performance and high capacity of the money calculated on the device, thus a user-friendly device.


There are types of money counties that detect the money from different countries and count them effectively. Most of the Mixed Money Counter usually depend on and organize the other currencies. If you invest in these brands, you will effectively detect the money from the different countries. The factor intervenes if you often handle the multi-currency. The factor is not crucial if you transact the capital of the same currency.

Mixed Bill Value Detection

Some of the devices effectively perform the role of note counting from the mixed denomination. The factor is essential as it saves your time and the resources that would otherwise implement the manual sorting and counting procedures for the different sectors of the money. It would be best to presort your cash for the standardized bill counter before placing it on the device.

Reject Pocket

A reject pocket is an extra pocket that the device facilitates for the placement of the suspicious notes. The reject pocket on the money counter assists you to improves the efficiency level. It minimizes the state of the jam occurrence that is the possible cause of delays in the calculation and separation of the money. In addition, the cash analysis speed enhances the accumulation of reject pockets to the device as sorting and counting of the cash continuously performs.

Counterfeit Detection

The fraud increase calls for the need of the company looking for a device that detects fake bills easily. Most of the fake accounts made to determine the real from the counterfeit bills is not easy. Therefore, the level of phony calls for the investment on the device that detects counterfeit bills quickly with less strain in the process. Most of the standard and common features used as detectors added in the money counters are the magnetic, ultraviolet, infrared, and metal and material thickness that printed the note. Most currencies in the world print on inks that, and thus, if exposed to magnetism, the property makes money to attract, therefore appearing as accurate.

If the unit detects the Mixed money that does not have the property of the magnetism, it rejects to the reject pocket for further inspection. Suppose devices have a detector for the ultraviolet, the bills passed through rays of the ultraviolet rays that detect the money for the ultraviolet property. Infrared is one of the detectors that are rarely used. It is one of the most expensive, and most of the counterfeits cannot implement on it. The devices for detecting the counterfeit are optional to the user as they mean an added expense on the money-counting machine.


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