What is Mix Value Counting Machine?

Mix Value Counting Machine

Mix Value Counting Machine

The mixed value counting machine applies the best version of the latest technology in the currency to sort and count the money. The engine uses most of the country’s banks and provides a high-quality detection level on the fake bill and easy detection. The device detects the bills as it counts and sorts according to the denomination of money. This means that the machine brands effectively cater to the different forms of the currencies for the calculated money. The device applies to most business platforms handling much of the capital like the national banks, large enterprises, churches, and the casino. The machine applies to the public and individual enterprises. The application of the device assists in making the process of the calculation of the money is accurate.

Some machine brands come in one pocket, while others come with an additional pouch to reject the fake bill. The device that comes with the further pocket assists in calculating the accounts as the suspicious bills leave on the extra bag. If the device comes with one sack, it stops counting if it detects the fake bill giving a beep sound. Most of the mixed value counting machines come with the in-built structure of the detection of counterfeit bills. The double pocket machine is more accurate and operates faster than the single pocketed device.

Mix Note

FEELTECK invented the compact designed machine that eases sorting and counting the mix notes and thus appeared as one of the devices on most famous engines in the whole world. In most cases, the device applies to currencies based on the EURO, USA, India, South America, and Korea. The design of the machine facilitates effective processes of the selling of the significant quantity for the imported models. The display of the device turns the color for the detection of the error in calculating the money. This makes the machine raise the alarm for the user to cater for it timely and at ease. It assists in the add and the batch function on the chain, double and half note detection on the amount of the money in the hopper capacity of the device.

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